Thursday, August 17, 2017

Lost in Oz, Chapter 12: Welcome Back, Glinda

Another zippy one that ended after it seemed to barely start! Dorothy, Toto, and Glinda finally find Smith, who gets them out of his painting and back into the Emerald City, but it is a changed city. Langwidere's spell has taken hold, and nobody in Oz remembers Glinda or Dorothy. Langwidere has, so far as they know, always been the Witch of Oz. Even worse, West is by her side, being set up as her successor. (West may be having second thoughts, but all the power her aunt is promising her may be too tempting.) Even Ojo is affected, and doesn't remember Dorothy and Glinda—until Langwidere alters the spell, and makes everyone think Glinda and Dorothy are dangerous criminal fugitives! Fortunately, Reigh's place is shielded and he isn't affected, so he contacts the Magic Underground, and they find our fugitives and bring them into the Night Market, which is also shielded. Using artificial magic, Glinda is able to temporarily make Ojo remember his real self and his friendship with Dorothy, but they only have until sundown to make the change permanent!

Lots of familiar characters in the crowds of the Emerald City, such as Mangaboos and citizens of Utensia and Bunbury. All I will say now is that I am really looking forward to how this all wraps up! Unfortunately, company is coming this weekend, so I may not get the chance until Sunday night or Monday!

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