Thursday, August 10, 2017

Oz in Jeopardy!

The final Oz clue of the season came in the July 26, 2017 game, only two days before the show started its summer break. There were several promising categories in this game that could have been Ozzy, such as Who Wrote It? and Lyrics from Broadway, but it was The Director's Cut, about movie directors being replaced by another director, in the Jeopardy! round that proved to be Ozzy. For $400, this clue was revealed:

Seth, the challenger in the middle, rang in first and correctly responded, "What is The Wizard of Oz?" Sadly, he ended the game in a distant third.

Interestingly, you could have change "fantasy classic" to "historical epic" or some such phrase and still had an equally valid clue, although the correct response would then become, "What is Gone with the Wind?" In fact, the whole category could have been about the shuffling directors of both The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind if the writers had gone that route.

And that is it for now. I really hope I don't end up saving them all for the summer again, but real life has a way of getting in the way, so I make no promises. But I hope I can be a little more timely during Jeopardy!'s forthcoming thirty-fourth (!) season.

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