Thursday, August 10, 2017

Lost in Oz, Chapter 7: Little Black Lies

Oh, now this is getting good! Langwidere reveals to West that she is West's aunt. West never even knew she had an aunt! Cyra, West's mother, means well, and tries to explain the situation, but between her fear and West's anger and ambition, she just drives West further towards Langwidere. Dorothy and West try to get the Pearl of Pingaree back so that Langwidere can find Glinda (or at least, that's what they think), but only Ojo's running interference prevents them from being arrested by the Bureau of Magic. West and Dorothy have a falling out (even the best of roommates don't always get along, after all), which leads to West defying Dorothy and everyone else and getting the Pearl. Ojo and Dorothy are worried about her, West finds langwidere to give her the Pearl—and that's where the episode ends. Darned cliffhangers! (You'd think all those years of watching classic Doctor Who would make me immune to that, but no, that's not how it seems to work for me...)

Unlike previous episodes, the little bits of Ozziness in here are totally original, and not based on something from the books. There's a stoplight that's also a talking flower (and the green and red lights have totally different personalities). West has a poster for octopus luchadores (nom that would be fun to see), and Dorothy asks a group of dandelion seeds for permission to use them to find a hidden door. Their joy at their freedom is short-lived when they smash into a wall.

This one really is West's episode, and I can see how some critics have declared this show to be as much about West's journey and maturation as it is Dorothy's. Nika Futterman is doing a great job with her voice, bringing in all kinds of nuances to her moods, sometimes turning on a dime. And this is that rare episode of anything that was so absorbing, I didn't even notice how fast the time was going. The ending took me completely by surprise. And here I was thinking I had too much other stuff to do tonight, and that I could skip it tonight. I am so glad I watched it after all!

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