Sunday, August 06, 2017

Lost in Oz, Chapter 3: Monkeys Fly

One fun little item I forgot to mention from the first episode is that it opens with Dorothy creating a Rube Goldberg-style contraption to get her day started. Of course, she spends so much time on it that she ends up missing the bus and, as a result, finding her mother's journal, thus kicking off the whole series. Well, in this episode Dorothy puts her mechanical smarts to good use and figures out how to get the Lookout's tower to move, and thus causing Glinda's castle to appear. (No, really, it all makes sense within the context of the show, but even Reigh has trouble following and believing it until Dorothy proves it.) The gang gets a really cool, multi-wheeled Ferris wheel going, and Dorothy uses its height to get closer to the palace. But Fitz escapes his portal loop and comes after her with two of the monkeys. Dorothy figures out how he's controlling them, however, and uses that to her advantage. One of the monkeys gets her into Glinda's castle just before it disappears again, where she meets the Scarecrow. "Good to see you again," he says. Wait, AGAIN? And then the episode ends on that cliffhanger!

Dorothy really gets to show off her smarts and problem-solving skills in this one. She figures out just how to use some of the magic Ojo and West give her, but also the mechanics of how the Ferris wheel works and how it causes the palace to appear. I was reminded of how Coo-Ee-Oh used Krumbic magic to power her machinery in Glinda of Oz. We also get a flashback to when Dorothy was a very little girl and her mother showed her a lunar eclipse. And, in the course of exploring the city, we also get mentions of Utensia, the First and Foremost of the Phanfasms, and the Growleywogs, so the makers of this show really do know the books, even if they're using them in a totally different way.

And in our next episode, the Scarecrow!

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