Saturday, August 05, 2017

Lost in Oz, Chapter 2: Dorothy Meets a Lion

Dorothy, Toto, West, and Ojo are still trying to meet Glinda, but all kinds of obstacles keep getting thrown in there way. Fitz, our magic thief, decides they know too much, so he sicks the Winged Monkeys up against them with water balloons of oblivion, which make anyone hit by them forget everything. But during the battle, an invisible lion steals Dorothy's backpack and disappears underground into the Night Market. This is apparently not a good place, but Dorothy is, naturally, determined. Lots of merry chasing happens, including some great stuff with portable portals, before they finally catch up with the lion, Reigh. It turns out he's a tech whiz and a conspiracy nut, who tells them that nobody has seen Glinda in months. So, he joins the group as they all prepare to look for Glinda.

Some more nice Ozzy touches in this one, such as the water of oblivion (and a couple of amusing incidents when we see it in action), and one of West and Ojo's classmates is mentioned, but Tip disappeared when he went into the Night Market. Reigh is a fun character, with just enough of the Cowardly Lion in him to be recognizable, but he fits in well with this updated version of Oz, too. Bring on the next episode!

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