Sunday, July 16, 2017

This Week's Oz Movie

I was challenged not so long ago to watch Of Oz the Wizard, where The Movie is reedited so that every word is said, or sung, in alphabetical order, from "a" to "zipper". I finally had enough time freed up to watch it last night, and it was—interesting!

I liked the opening and closing credits, where each of the title cards was also rearranged in alphabetical order. (One spelling error I spotted: The producer is Mervyn LeRoy, not Mervin.) As I watched, the more I realized what a technical achievement that must have been. I suspect the titles were totally redone against a new, clean cloud background, because I don't see how they could be done any other way!

But on to The Movie itself! It's actually an interesting insight into the English language, and how many words are used repeatedly. Common words, notably pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, and articles, essentially resulted in quick rapid-fire summaries of The Movie. The sequence for "the" and the surprisingly large number of common "w" words were especially notable (or maybe by that point I was just weary of all the staccato deliveries). My favorite was "hhh", used for little breaths and huffs and other pauses to catch your breath. It was almost like watching it as a silent movie, with snippets of the score in the background.

Song lyrics were intriguing, such as the monotone deliveries of "ding", "dong", and "yellow", among others. All the "somewhere"s in The Movie's most famous and beloved song all performed back to back were also of interest.

So, anyway, challenge met. And in case you're wondering, yes, someone has also synched up Of Oz the Wizard to the classic Floyd Pink album Dark Moon of Side the

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