Saturday, July 15, 2017

Oz in Jeopardy!

From the December 14, 2016 episode, for $800 in the Jeopardy! round category The Broadway Musical's Characters, in which you have to name the musical given only a list of some of the characters:

Defending champion Cindy rang in first and correctly responded with, of course, "What is Wicked?" She went on to win the game, and four more after that, but sadly, she never got to see her wins. You may have seen Cindy's story on the news, but in case you haven't (or forgot), she already had aggressive stage four cancer when she tried out. She asked if, under the circumstances, she could be fast tracked and put on the show as quickly as possible, which the Jeopardy! contestant coordinators were happy to do. Only the contestant coordinators and Alex Trebek knew at the time. Not long after she recorded her games, she passed away. That she did so well despite her disease and pain says a lot about her as a player, and it's too bad she never got the chance to play without distractions, nor in the Tournament of Champions.

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