Monday, January 30, 2017

The Latest Oz Reading

My quest to read as many books by the fifth Royal Historian, Rachel R. Cosgrove, as I could get my hands on has resulted in my latest read, Lady Alicia's Secret. Yes, it's another romance novel (not at all like either her Oz or science fiction works), and one of the tamest ones I've ever seen. Nobody gets their bodice ripped off, nobody succumbs to their urgent needs, nothing like that. But it's kind of fun anyway. In early nineteenth century Regency England, Lady Alicia St. John is looking to marry, but she wants to marry for love. Since all of the eligible men in London society know that she is a wealthy heiress, they all come angling for her, but she will have none of them. So she decides to take a pseudonym and hire herself out to a baron out in the country as a secretary so as to escape scrutiny and find someone who will love her for her, and not her fortune. Of course she and Darcy Cummings, Baron Pennsfield, do not get along at all, partly because they are so attracted to each other. There are other suitors for Alicia, the woman who left Darcy at the alter come back to try again, wild runaway horses in the countryside, and all the other tropes one expects in this kind of story. Plus, Alicia makes friends with an up-and-coming new author named Jane Austen. Will Alicia and Darcy get together? Well of course they do. But the road to getting there is long and crooked and twisted, and both Alicia and Darcy must deal with each other's secrets before all is straightened out.

And with that, I must quit my reading of Rachel's books for now, as money is extremely tight right now and I can't justify buying more of her books right now, particularly as I now have most of the affordable ones. But I shall come back to them before too long, I hope. In the meantime, I have another little project involving another Royal Historian that I plan to start in the meantime. But I will tell you about that when I get there.

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