Thursday, August 11, 2016

Oz in Jeopardy!

You thought I was kidding? Nope, I have more today!

After yesterday's clues from January, there was a long dry spell until the April 13 episode, where this picture was uncovered for $1600 in the Double Jeopardy! round category Cat and Dog Breeds:

"The Lollipop Guild knows this short-legged breed is fast, takes corners well, and is generally Oz-some."

Christian, the challenger on the right, correctly responded, "What is a Munchkin?" (He knew more than me, I didn't get it even with the obvious hints in the clue!) Sadly, he came in third.

The very next day, there was this clue, again for $1600 in Double Jeopardy! in the category Elements of Song, all about the names of elements appearing in pop song titles (yeah, sounds limited, but it works):

Hannah, the challenger in the center, correctly responded with, "What is the Tin Man?" She also came in third. And in case you were wondering about the song, here is America with "Tin Man":

Finally (for now), on May 9, in the first semifinal of this year's Teachers Tournament, this was the $400 clue in the Double Jeopardy! category What's My Lion?

Kaberi, an elementary bilingual teacher from Joliet, Illinois, rang in first and correctly responded, "Who is the Cowardly Lion?" And guess what? She went on to win the game and advance to the finals, where she came in second and won $50,000. So at least some people who get the Oz clues correct do well on the show.

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