Friday, August 12, 2016

Oz in Jeopardy!

Yes, more! All from the same week, no less, and all from the same ratings-grabbing event. For one week, the show recorded in Washington, DC for Power Players Week, where politicians, journalists, and others who work in the city played for charity. So, let's see what was so Ozzy about this week.

First, on the May 17 game, Lara Logan of 60 Minutes chose the $800 clue in the Double Jeopardy! category Get Out The Vote, and uncovered a Daily Double. She bet $1000, and saw this:

She correctly replied, "What is a straw vote?" and Alex helpfully added, "Or a straw poll." She added $1000 to her total and went on to win the match, being awarded $50,000 for the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Okay, that one may have been a stretch as far as Ozziness goes, but it got better. The next day, on the May 18 episode, one of the Jeopardy! round categories was Musical Theater. Sure enough, under $400, this clue was uncovered:

Kate Bolduan of CNN's At This Hour rang in first and correctly responded with, "What is Wicked?" She ended up in a distant third, but the show still gave $10,000 to her charity, Free Arts NYC.

Finally, on the May 20 program, in the Double Jeopardy! round Category Echo Category (called that because all of the responses were repeated words or syllables), this clue for $800 was uncovered:

Matthew Weiner, one of the creators of Mad Men, rang in first and replied, "Who is Rin Tin Tin?" Yes, he got it wrong. Nobody else wanted to guess, "Who is Toto?" Despite getting this so very, very wrong, Matthew won the game and Alexandria House received $50,000.

And that was it for Sweeps Week special events for the season. There are a few more Oz clues to come, but they all involve ordinary people, so I'll tell you about them in another post.

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