Friday, September 04, 2015

Today's Oz Comic

Way back in the day, I ran a very highly specialized little newsletter for computer literate Oz fans called Computerozzed. This was back in the days when a computer had less memory and power than one of today's calculators, portability was not an option, and if you wanted your computer to do something, you pretty much had to write your own program in BASIC. Computerozzed (which I think only ran for two issues) had a few of those, but I also included a cartoon in one of them. I crudely redrew Denslow illustrations of the Scarecrow and the Wizard from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with the caption, "Here, Scarecrow, is your brand new brain," and the Wizard has the latest tech in his hand, Apple's newest computer, the Macintosh. (This would have been the earliest version, the little boxy one with a black and white screen.) I bring this up because today's edition of The Wizard of Id is a modern update on the same premise. (And no, I don't think Parker and Hart ripped me off. It's a pretty logical idea, if you ask me.)

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