Friday, September 04, 2015

The Latest Oz Short Story

Another one this weekend from I Didn't Quite Make It to Oz. Unfortunately, I can't actually give the correct title of Ethan Nathé's story, as there is a pretty darned naughty word in the title. So for the sake of propriety, I will call it, "There's No Place Like…Aaahhh [Poop]!" And it was rejected from the main book, as we've seen in some earlier stories in this collection, for being too long. It did, however, have the advantage of being a little more lighthearted and silly than some of the other submissions. The twist in this one is that, although only a few weeks passed for Dorothy in Oz, when she finally gets back to Kansas over a year has gone by for Uncle Henry and Aunt Em, and they've already had her funeral. Naturally, this really throws everyone off kilter. (Dorothy's creepy distant cousin who showed up out of the blue to help out on the farm does not help. His sleeping in her room makes her decide to sleep in the barn to stay away from him!) She decides that, as much as she loves Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, Kansas just isn't for her any more, and tries to get back to Oz. After hitching a ride with a traveling circus and finding the Wizard is its balloonist, she manages to get out of Kansas, but where she ends up is a big surprise!

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