Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Latest Oz Short Story

It's the weekend at last! Time to indulge in another Oz short story. And yes, this is another one from the anthology I Should Have Stayed in Oz, edited by Selina Rosen. Since this story yet again misspells the good witch's name as Glenda, I suspect this is an editorial decision by Rosen, and not the fault of the writers. So from hereon, I will not fault the writers for this misspelling. Today's story was "Silver Slippers" by vickey malone kennedy (yes, that's how she spells it). This story sees the youngest grandson, John, dealing with his grandmother, Miss Dottie, as she once again looks for the silver slippers. Yes, another story about Dorothy grown up. The nice thing about this story is that, despite how crazy she is seen by others, Dorothy has had a pretty nice, long life. She married well, has a nice large hose and plenty of money, and a large happy family. But she also knows her time is growing short, and she never has forgotten her trip to Oz. Yes, she wants to go back. Ah, but does she? I'll let you read the story and decide for yourself.

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