Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Latest Oz Short Story

This week I read yet another tale from I Should Have Stayed in Oz, the anthology of stories about what Dorothy did after getting home from Oz. In "A Bad Case of the Munchies" by Susan Satterfield, a now aimless Dorothy, recently graduated from high school and having to deal with being on her own (as Uncle Henry and Aunt Em have now passed away) suddenly meets a Munchkin named Jaq who whisks her back to Oz. It seems that Oz is being overrun by Munchkin zombies, and Glinda (yes, someone finally got her name right!) called her back, not knowing what else to do. Fortunately, this Dorothy seems to be from a later time than both the novel and The Movie, as she has seen all kinds of B movies on television, and knows just how to handle zombies. However, that's only the beginning of Oz's problems! This was a fun one that just zipped along, and really set things up for a whole series of stories in the same vein, if Satterfield wants to write them.

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