Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Latest Oz Short Story

I am, of course, continuing my reading of I Should Have Stayed in Oz, the collection of stories about Dorothy's life after coming back to Kansas. And the second story, "Expecting Oz" by Traci Lewis, really puts the "short" into short story, as it's only four pages long. It seems Aunt Em and Uncle Henry didn't know what to do about Dorothy's sanity after she told all the stories about Oz, so they put her into foster care. She bounced around a few families and ended up a pregnant teenage mother-to-be in a home for wayward girls. But it looks like her unborn baby may be able to help her get back to Oz. This story was okay, and there is a certain logical path to how Dorothy's life unfolds. But this story also makes three major, unforgivably un-Ozzy errors. The least of them is calling Dorothy's stannous friend in Oz the Tin Woodsman. There's no s in there! The second is how Aunt Em and Uncle Henry treated her. They would never do that to her. However, I can at least say, okay, this is an alternative, looking-glass version of Dorothy, so I can at least see it as a storytelling device. But the biggest issue I have is the name for the Good Witch: Lewis calls her Glenda!!! That's not her name!!! It's Glinda! Kudos for not mentioning whether she's the Good Witch of the North or South, however, so it could be either the book or The Movie version of Dorothy.

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