Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Latest Oz Short Story Reading

At long last, I've finished my rereading of Our Landlady (although I may indulge in the glossary this summer), which means my weekly Oz short story can now be new ones. I heard about the collection I Should Have Stayed in Oz, edited by Selina Rosen, a while ago in the review of another collection, so I hunted down a used copy. To my surprise, it was autographed by Rosen! Well well! The premise is that, upon returning to Kansas, Dorothy has regrets about coming home. So I jumped in and read the first story last night, "There's No Place Like a Gingham House" by Claudia Christian. Yes, especially for my fellow Babylon 5 fans, that Claudia Christian. She's apparently quite multitalented. Anyway, as for the story, if this is indicative of the whole collection, I think I can safely not recommend this for young, sensitive, or traditional Oz fans. Dorothy is now a senior citizen, making her living as a phone sex operator catering to those who want to talk to a certain famous storybook character. Um, okay, not what I was expecting at all! And I think I'll just end that there.

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