Friday, August 15, 2014

The Press Release

Apparently I jumped the gun a little bit last month when I announced that the new edition of Queen Ann in Oz was out, as my publisher had intended the Winkie Convention to be the official release for not only that but a couple other books as well. He's now prepared the press release, however, so I thought I'd better share it here.

August 09, 2014
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Classic American Fantasy Returns in Three New Novels!

Valley Stream, NY—Need an escape from the stressful world of long hours and constant bad news? New York-based company, The Royal Publisher of Oz, is sending people on a journey into imagination with a line of fantasy books set in the expanding universe of Baum’s Land of Oz!

L. Frank Baum’s legendary Oz series was the very first American fantasy series, spawning numerous Hollywood films, Broadway plays, animated series and collectibles! Continuing where Baum and his successors left off is this exciting new series of fantasies that go beyond the Yellow Brick Road into dangerous and exciting territory!

The Law of Oz and Other Stories is a journey through time! When two best friends, Button-Bright and Ojo decide to get lost, they wind up two hundred years in the past! There, they uncover the secret behind the very enchantment of Oz, the ancient evil of the Phanfasms, and the mysterious shape-shifting Yookoohoos, who hold the key to a mind-shattering truth! Four stories and three illustrators in one book! Available everywhere in trade paperback, $21.99.

Queen Ann in Oz picks up where Baum left off, as would-be conqueror Queen Ann goes on a quest to find her missing parents, lost for decades! With the help of a vagabond named the Shaggy Man, a loyal dragon and a squabbling pack of volunteers, her journey through the mists of Oz to a land called Forgetville may well be her undoing! Includes the new novella Jodie in Oz, loads of illustrations, and much more! Available everywhere in trade paperback, $15.99, and in a deluxe hardcover with 15 full color plates (exclusively at!

In The Magic Umbrella of Oz, the intrepid heroes of The Law of Oz and Other Stories are back, but this time with strange new powers! When the Magic Umbrella is stolen by a dark spirit they’ve unleashed, it is up to the best friends to return to the past and help the Wicked Witch of the East retrieve her most precious magical item, the Silver Shoes! Available everywhere in trade paperback, $15.99, and in a deluxe hardcover with full color plates and unique deluxe-edition dust-jacket (exclusively at!

Founded in 2012 by Joe Bongiorno, The Royal Publisher of Oz is a New York-based publishing company dedicated to producing Oz and fantasy books that match the look and style of the classic fantasies of old. Our Oz books are edited with an eye towards maintaining continuity with the original Oz series and Borderlands of Oz books as delineated on The Royal Timeline of Oz. To view a complete listing of available and upcoming titles, visit

If I get the chance over the next few days or so, I hope to talk a little bit more about the new edition of Queen Ann in Oz and how it came back.

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