Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Latest Oz Comic Book Review Redux

The first Oz comic to pop up in my regular comics order is the Oz: Age of Darkness One Shot which I reviewed back in June when Zenescope sent the electronic preview. Not much has changed, and I'm still not inclined to try and figure out the whole Age of Darkness event. But I will point out that, despite appearances to the contrary, the folks at Zenescope seem to know a few things about the Oz books after all. The Land of Ev is mentioned in this book, and the Scarecrow commands a squad of Tik-Toks (on big copper wheels, for some reason) in his efforts to stop the Warlord. But maybe the biggest nod to the rest of the Oz books is someone finding out that someone named Rho'kat has escaped. Doesn't that name sound an awful lot like Roquat? Oh, and also the Tin Woodman is conspicuously absent. I suspect we'll find out more about that in the remaining issues of Warlord of Oz. We'll almost certainly find out what he was saying before he was imprisoned, because the first thing he says in this issue is to complete that thought.

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Bully said...

Did you see the funny Oz movie references in Silver Surfer #4?