Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Latest Oz Comic

Not only is Fables #141 my latest Oz comic book read, it will likely be the last for a while, since there were no other Oz comics in this month's shipment. Fortunately, I can say that this month, Fables is an Oz comic, as the 13th Floor are having a meeting, to discuss coming events and possibly recruit new members. The 13th Floor is a council of good magic workers in Fabletown, and they do their best to keep things working. Their current leader is Ozma, so naturally there is a lot of focus on her. I think I finally nailed down what bugs me about the Fables version of Ozma, and it's not the blonde hair (although I thought it was at first). It's her apparent age! She's extremely young. I've always envisioned Ozma as being a little older, maybe in her early teens. But I guess that's all a matter of interpretation, I guess. I am glad that she has such a prominent role in Fables.

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rocketdave said...

When Ozma first appeared in Fables, she was basically just an unidentified, non-speaking extra, standing among the other 13th floor residents. I can't help wondering if was always the plan to have that anonymous blonde girl turn out to be Ozma, or if that was a decision that was only made later, which would explain why she looks a bit different from the way she's normally depicted.