Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Movies for Kids List

Yet another publication has put out a list of movies kids should see. This one is from Entertainment Weekly, and it's entitled "55 Movies Every Kid Should See". Of course The Wizard of Oz is on it (otherwise, why would I be writing about it here?), but the interesting part, in my opinion, is the order it's presented: They should be watched in (roughly) the order the list is presented, at the appropriate ages. Interestingly, The Wizard of Oz is not in the first All Ages group, but the second group, for ages 8 and up, between The Lion King and Singin' in the Rain. I guess the Wicked Witch is a little too intense for the very youngest budding cinephiles. There are lots of other interesting choices as well, like Yellow Submarine, Titanic, and even one R-rated movie, Stand By Me (and I think that's actually a pretty good choice). I've seen most of them, and can't argue with their inclusion for what they're trying to accomplish, but of course there are lots of other movies that got left off, and could easily replace something else on the list — or the list could have just been made longer.

If you're intrigued so far, and want to see the whole list, take a look at EW's website.

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