Saturday, June 07, 2014

The Latest Oz Short Story

Although there are still two days of teaching in the local school district I work in, it's not terribly likely that I'll be teaching for one or both of them. So my summer starts now, and part of my plan is to write an Oz blog post every day. Circumstances may keep me from doing it, but I hope to get close. Some of the posts will be the traditional stuff I put here all the time (for instance, I do have a Jeopardy! episode to write about), but I'll also have some reflections on Oz topics, news, and anything else I can think of.

Today is not something different, for it's my weekly reading from Oz Reimagined. The story is "A Tornado of Dorothys" by Kat Howard, and this is going to be very hard to describe without giving too much away — but I'll try. It starts off as you'd expect The Wizard of Oz to start, with Dorothy and Toto being swept away in their house by a tornado and landing in Oz. But Glinda just marches in, hands Dorothy the silver shoes, and tells her to be on her way with no explanations. That's fine with Dorothy, as she doesn't actually want to go home! It turns out that she's the latest in a long line of Dorothys, and if she doesn't get on with the story, she becomes the new Wicked Witch of the East, a house lands on her, and someone else has to take her place. Ah, but unlike the others, she really is named Dorothy, and that may help her out. This was a nice little examination of the nature of stories and whether or not you choose your own destiny, but it was a very brief little story, and I think it could have benefitted with some more details. Still, I liked it.

Oh, I will also tell you that the new comics order came, and this month has more Oz comics than the single one last month (I think — I haven't actually looked yet.)

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