Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Latest Oz Reading

Yup, the reading continues! Here are the rest of the Oz comics that came in the latest order:

  • The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #9 (for which Big Dog Ink does not appear to have a link to the regular issue, just the con exclusive). Yay, Legend debut of Scraps! Everyone's getting serious about the search for Ozma now, but Jack and the Tin Man have a few issues to work out first. Oh, yeah, and the Wheelers have come after the Scarecrow. Still good stuff, this!
  • The Emerald City of Oz #1 (which Marvel doesn't seem to have any information about at all on their website). I knew there would have to be some changes in this one, as Eric, Skottie, and Jean-Fran├žois only have five issues to tell this story. And sure enough (spoilers ahead, just in case you don't already know the story), the opening chapters about the Nomes are mostly compressed into the front part, from Roquat getting mad (again!) to Guph going off to talk to the Whimsies. The we cut to Kansas, and we see Dorothy get the bad news about the farm, her transportation to Oz (and unlike in the original novel, this time we see her take Eureka as well), bring Aunt Em and Uncle Henry in, and the latter two deciding to accept the fate that's been handed to them. The book wraps up with Guph convincing the Whimsies to help the Nomes conquer Oz. As I suspected, the storytelling feels a little rushed, but so far everything is there, at least. I think the only new thing Skottie Young adds to this book is the Whimsies, who look great. The cross-section showing their true heads inside the pasteboard false ones is a nice touch. And yes, yet again everyone does a bang-up job.
  • Not Oz, strictly speaking, but certainly of interest to many Oz fans is Age of Bronze #33. The saga of Troilus and Cressida continues, as Diomedes tries to woo Cressida, while Troilus waits for her every night by the gates of Troy. Something tells me this is not going to end well! Also announced in this issue is the forthcoming publication of the next collection, part 2 of the Betrayal storyline.
Speaking of Eric Shanower, I picked up two of the hardback collections of the Marvel comics a few months ago, and the third at the Winkie Convention, where I also got them all signed (with bonus illustrations!) by Eric. So now I have Ozma of Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, and The Road to Oz, and I'm up to date. I hope Skottie Young is at Emerald City Comic Con again next year so I can get them signed by him as well. Anyway, each of these collections includes an informative introduction by Eric, a cover gallery, and in many cases some of Skottie's development sketches. Two more items before I wrap up:
  • The Program Book to this year's Winkie Convention. This is always a treat, and they just seem to get bigger and better every year. This year's book highlights The Patchwork Girl of Oz, which turns one hundred this year, and Merry Go Round in Oz, which is still a sprightly fifty years. I have no idea if any copies are still available, but if they are, I bet David Maxine could be persuaded to part with one for a donation to the convention. If you want to get your hands on next year's edition, here's the information on next year's convention. It's never too late to start planning! (Note to the convention organizers: How about supporting memberships, for those who can't actually be there but want to be a part of the fun anyway? The big incentive for those people would be the program book, and possibly a few other little goodies.)
  • Oz the Great and Powerful: The Movie Storybook. Yeesh, and I thought the Junior Novelization was slight. Still, for the audience they're aiming at, this isn't bad. The best part about the storybook is the large colorful pictures, taken right from the movie. There is a definite lack of conversation, however, with major dialogue covered by a few sentences instead. Still, they are writing for a younger audience that they may think can't handle a lot of talking.
Next up are some classic rereadings, inspired by Oz the Great and Powerful.

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