Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Latest Oz Reading

The most recent comics order came, and there was only one Oz book in it, but it was a big one! Fables #124 (which, for some reason, doesn't have a page on Vertigo's website) wraps up the storyline that started with the very first issue I bought, way back in #101 two years ago. Yes, it's the finale of Bufkin's tale in the newly liberated Oz, and that's all there is in this issue! The people of Oz want Bufkin to be the new emperor of Oz, but he's having none of that! Instead, he and Lily decide to go off and have all kinds of adventures in many of the fable lands — including parenthood (which you'd think couldn't happen between a formerly flying monkey and a pixie). This issue covers centuries until Bufkin and Lily settle down under the lunch pail tree, and eventually pass away. I hope that's not the last of Oz we'll ever see in Fables. With Ozma as a major character in the main storyline, it's unlikely. I've gone back and started reading Fables from the beginning, thanks to the trade paperback collections, and Bufkin has been there from the start, so this could be the end of an era. But there's also enough wiggle room in there that I suspect he could turn up again, before he reaches his final fate.

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