Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oz in Jeopardy!

Well, so far 2013 has started off a little bit Ozzy on Jeopardy!, although probably not in a way anybody intended. It all started on only the third episode of the new year with this category in the Jeopardy! (or first) round:

This wasn't a particularly Ozzy category, however, since the word TIN being in quotation marks means that the correct responses were all men with the letter combination "tin" in their names. So I won't show the clues or discuss the results, but for the record, they were Vladimir Putin, Joe Tinker (of the famed Tinkers to Evers to Chance double play combo of the Chicago Cubs), George Martin, Stephen Austin (the one at the Alamo, not the Six Million Dollar Man), and Renaissance painter Tintoretto.

That game was won by Ashok Poozhikunnel, who in the very next game had to contend with not only two new challengers, but this category in Final Jeopardy!

"Hmm," I thought to myself, "possibilities, but not much chance for an Oz clue, is there?" And I was right, for this was what was revealed:
("Oh, Eric," I can hear you say, "your instincts were correct. This is not an Oz clue, for I have already figured the answer out. Why are you showing this to us?" Patience, O browser of the web, all will be made clear.)

After the famous think music played, we first looked at the response by Michelle, who wrote:

She was, of course, correct, and as she'd bet all of her money, she doubled her score to $10,000. Next up was Alison, of the very cool flower print dress, who wrote down:
She was also correct, and ended up with a final score of $12,999. She was probably going for that $2000 second prize, because Ashok was so far in the lead that he could not be caught, which was a good thing, as he had responded with:
(And that, O browser, is why this clue is in this blog.)

He had bet only $6,599 and ended up with a final score of $18,001, but it was enough to move on.

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