Friday, November 23, 2012

The Latest Oz Reading

I've done a real blitz on the comics recently, and managed to get through all the rest of them from last month and all of this month's as well! So yes, lots of Oz comics to review! Let's jump right in with the remainder of last month's:

  • Dorothy of Oz Prequel #4, the concluding issue. The Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion finally get to the Rainbow Mover and use it to summon Dorothy — whom we finally get to see in this comic! It looks like she's already dealing with a lot of her own problems, however. Glinda has some issues to deal with as well! It will be interesting to see how this comic series leads into the movie when it comes out next year (and we still have no clear idea when; I suspect it won't be until late summer, so as not to compete with Oz: The Great and Powerful.)
  • Fables #121. Yeah, yeah, problems in Toyland, Therese and Dare are still there... Meanwhile, in Oz, the flying monkeys are using guerilla (heh!) tactics to make things difficult for the Nome King's soldiers as the rebellion continues.
  • The Road to Oz #2. Eric and Skottie are still hitting this one out of the park. This issue takes us from the entry into Foxville to their arrival at Dunkiton. The only major new introduction is Polychrome, and she is very different from what I suspect anyone was expecting, as she has a much more otherwordly, ethereal look than how I've ever seen her illustrated before. This makes sense, however, when you consider what a rainbow is and how it's really constructed. The big difference is that not only her dress, but also her hair is rainbow patterned. It may take some getting used to, but it at least makes some sense.
Now for the comics from this month's order:
  • No Place Like Home #5, the concluding issue to the initial miniseries version of this comic. Until now, I'll admit to being underwhelmed by this book, as it just didn't seem very Ozzy. There have been lots of little sideways references to Oz characters and events, and the killer flying monkeys have naturally been a big selling point, but the Oz just seemed tacked on. (It does not help that Dee, Lizzie, and most of the rest of the characters are just plain foul mouthed!) But all that changes here, with the reveal of who's been pulling the strings on the final page — and the promise that the story will continue soon with the start of volume 2!
  • Fables #122. A new arc, looking back at some of the Big Bad Wolf's exploits in the Fable Lands, starts in this issue. But who cares when there's still a rebellion going on in Oz? All I have to say about this is, Mr. Yoop shows up and starts making things really difficult for the Nome King's lackeys.
  • The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West Ongoing Series #1 (the regular issue appears to be sold out at the publishers, so that link is to the less expensive (!) of their variant edition). Gale and the Wizard are gone, but life goes on in Oz without them. In a power vacuum, the Wizard's old assistant, Jinjur, has taken control and given herself the title of General, and she's keeping the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion locked up. But hope comes in the unexpected form of a boy named Tip.
Okay, so despite how it first looked, both No Place Like Home and The Legend of Oz will continue. Neat!

And that's probably going to be it for a little while with the Oz reading, as I'm now in a cycle of reading other things (yes, believe it or not, there's a whole wide world of other things to read out there).

One more word, if I may: I've been revamping my website's bookshop all summer, and it's now finally all ready to unveil to the world. I think the wiki format gives it a cleaner, less cluttered look, and it will also make it a lot easier for me to update. So please feel free to go on over to the bookshop and take a look around. (If you buy anything, even better!)

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