Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

No, I'm not being egocentric here (I hope), I just wanted to thank all of my Oz friends for today's birthday wishes. I also wanted to mention that the newspaper my wife now works for ran a "Happy Birthday" ad for me in yesterday's paper. It's a free service they offer to family members. It had a scarecrow and a balloon. Do they know me pretty well already there or what?


Elayne said...

Hope your birthday was wonderful, Eric! Did you see the "gift" I left for you in my blog on Laura's birthday?

stuff-and-shenanigans said...

Hello, Eric. I'm an Oz collector, fan, and a longtime reader of your website (the best of its kind on the internet.)
Today I was watching the Smithsonian Channel (I didn't even know of this channel's existence until today) and they showed a documentary on L. Frank Baum and the origins of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz which I had never seen before. There were interviews from Eric Shanower, Michael Patrick Hearn, and Roger Baum, amongst others. The info box from my cable provider said it was made in 2011.

Just thought you'd be interested in this. Hopefully it will be aired again soon so you can check it out.


Hayley Goldstein
Oz fan and Tik-Tok lover