Sunday, October 09, 2011

Oz in Jeopardy!

They took their time this season, but the first Oz clue of Jeopardy's twenty-eighth (!) season popped up on Friday's show. In the category Name Calling, returning champion Joon uncovered this clue at the top of the column, for $200:

Joon jumped in first and correctly responded with, "What is Munchkin"? And note that the clue says the Munchkins live in the east of Oz! Someone was doing their literary research. Oh, yeah, and Joon went on to totally dominate the game again and win easily. It also appears that my local station is now showing Jeopardy! in widescreen.

Coincidentally, my Jeopardy! desk calendar also had an Oz clue that day. I knew it sounded vaguely familiar, and looked back through my blog's archive. Sure enough, it was on the show back in 2007, and I blogged it here (the first clue, in Crossword Clues "G", not the second one about the old Oz series on HBO).

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Dhiraj said...

What a lovely world of OZ.

I have written on the movie at