Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oz on Jeopardy!

Should I just turn this blog over to recording whenever they have an Oz-related clue on Jeopardy!? Because that seems to be about all I do here lately. Okay, here's the latest, from Tuesday's show. In the first round, $600 clue in the category Crossword Clues "G", which means that every response started with the letter G:

Defending champion Laura got it right by asking, "Who is Glinda?" (Yes, it's Glinda, not Glenda, for those wondering.)

Later on in the same round, the $1000 clue in the category TV Jailbirds, introduced by actor Christopher Meloni of Law and Order: SVU:

Michael, at the middle lectern, responded correctly with "What is 'Oz'?" It's not really about the Oz I blog about here, but it was a nice nod.


MaskedMan said...

Of course that's not the correct answer. It should be "The Good Witch of the South." The Good Witch of the North was Tattypoo, now known as Queen Orrin.

Eric said...

(What, you've waited five years to tell us that?)

Of course, you're right, MaskedMan, but this is cultural shorthand. Most people (not us hardcore fans, just the regular folks) know Oz from The Movie, and so of course that clue is correct in that context.