Saturday, July 02, 2011

Winkie Convention Countdown: 6 Days to Go

One of the highlights of the convention each year is the Saturday night banquet. Okay, it's actually just the standard dinner Asilomar serves us, but we like to dress up and give it a sense of occasion. One year, back in the early '90s, a few weeks before the convention, an online friend got all excited after finding an Oz necktie, and wanted to get it for me. I mentioned the upcoming convention, and said sure I'd take it. He not only sent it to me, he sent it by express mail, thinking the convention was coming up a lot quicker than it was. Of course, how could I not wear the tie to the Saturday banquet? I still have it, in fact, and will very likely wear it to the banquet one week from tonight. I also have the shirt picked out...

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