Saturday, July 02, 2011

Oz in a Facebook Game

Hi all, Laura again.

I have gotten myself down to only two Facebook games, and hopefully will eventually not play any at all, but one of the two is called Bushwhacker and is a fun little flash-based adventure game in which you are a little warrior running around, um, whacking bushes. With a sword. To scare up prizes, and gold, and other fun stuff. And you solve puzzles, and meet characters, and go on quests. Ahem. Anyway, the game just introduced a new module, available to players level 16 and above, that is set in a faraway land that you have to reach by balloon...

Bushwhacker Graphics

So far I've met some familiar-looking friends, and gone on a couple of little side quests to solve puzzles. I haven't finished the module yet, but I figured I'd mention it in case anyone else wants to check it out and visit this faraway land, too.

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