Friday, June 24, 2011

Winkie Convention Countdown: 14 Days to Go (Part 2)

Laura here.

Wow, the 1995 Winkie Convention. I also cannot remember a lot about it, frankly. I do have vague memories of being shy at first and warming up to the group at large. Oz fans are pretty cool once you get to know them, but they can be terribly daunting in large groups. My biggest memory was that this was one of my first trips to California, and I was all ready for the sun. I was told by the Oogaboos that I should plan for Seattle-like weather in Asilomar, and I sort of doubted their word on it. So I packed for both hot and cool/wet weather. When I got there, the sun was out, and it stayed out and hot for the entire weekend. I smugly said, "So there!" to the Oogaboos, who rolled their eyes and muttered to each other, "She'll learn, when she comes back, she'll learn..." I recall resting a lot, as the drive was difficult for me. I recall the sun. And I don't really recall much else. I do recall that I generally had a fun time, and decided I would come back the next time we could afford to have both of us go. Since then, I've gone to many, but missed a few years as well. My next one was 1997, and there was a very good reason I was happy I went to that one, which I'm sure Eric will cover in a future post.

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