Sunday, May 15, 2011

The new Oz comic books

Our latest comic book order (after a shipping mix-up) finally arrived last week, and you know what that means, don't you? Oz comics! And there were quite a few! So let's see what we got, shall we?

  • Ozma of Oz #5. It's been how many months now since I got the last issue? Sheesh. Still, it's here at last, and (no surprise), Eric and Skottie are still doing a terrific job. This issue chronicles the trip from Evna to the Nome Kingdom (awesome giant with the hammer!), their entry, and their first encounter with the Nome King. I hope I won't have to wait quite so long for the next issue.
  • The Royal Historian of Oz #4. Frank keeps getting letters from Oz to his father back in the real world, so why hasn't Jasper gotten any of them? And what has gotten into the Patchwork Girl? I'm still enjoying this series, and I will be very happy to have Tommy Kovac sign my books at the Winkie Convention this year.
  • At long last, The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles #4. The series wraps up, but with the promise of more titles set in this version of Oz and Wonderland. The Wicked Witch has taken over the Emerald City, and Dorothy finds that she's not affected by water any more. Dorothy wins in the end, but must then hop on the Gump to get to Chicago to help Alice defeat the Jabberwock. This is one wild trip, as you can imagine, and now that it's finally completed, I'm looking forward to sitting down and rereading the whole saga this summer.
  • And of course, Fables #104. Now we know Ozma's superhero name in this new superteam: Super Witch! The team has their first victory, in an unexpected manner. Oh, yeah, and something else is going on with all of the non-Oz Fables, too. Plus, a reply in the letters column promises a return to Oz and what Bufkin's been up to there in issue #108. Maybe Eric Shanower is drawing that issue, too?

And that's it for this month...or is it? To atone for the shipping mix-up, we may very well get an early shipment of the next few books, so I may have an Oz comic books update in the next week or two, as it does look like there's an Oz book or two in it.

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