Saturday, May 21, 2011

Major website update completed!

Like most web surfers, I frequently bookmark sites. Unlike most surfers, however, my intention is often to share them with you and the rest of the greater Oz community. Over the holidays, I looked and found roughly 274,386,105 Oz links. "Well," I said to myself, "I'd better get busy putting them up!" It helps an awful lot that I went to a wiki format for my links, as that made it a lot easier. I finally finished putting up the last link this morning, so those of you who have asked, "Where's my site?" and I've had to put you off with, "There are a lot of other links ahead of you, but I will get to it, no really, I will," your patience has finally been rewarded. If you're interested in seeing what I believe is the largest archive of Oz and Oz-related links on the Internet, go take a look at my website's links page and see what there is. It is by no means done, as I have one page that I've linked to with several other links on it, and I also have some sent to me in e-mails that I'd like to make sure are also up, but this is a big enough milestone that I figured I'd better celebrate. I also want to go through sometime soon and make sure that they're all still working, weed out the few duplicates, and do a little resorting ("Oz comics" and "Toys, games, and arts and crafts" will probably get their own sections). Yes, actually, technically the links will never get done. But I've at least wrangled it into much more manageable shape today.

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Michael Jones said...

I love the term "Miscellane-Oz"!