Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How are you going to celebrate this weekend?

I've been meaning to pass along this message for a while now, and a recent re-send has spurred me to finally do so. This is from Jane Albright, one of the leaders of the International Wizard of Oz Club and a pretty darned good Oz fan to know. She's also coordinating events for the National Oz Convention this summer at the site of the old Wizard of Oz theme park near Banner Elk, North Carolina. So, take it away, Jane!

This weekend, please take your photo, showing something of your personal Oz interests, and send it to IWOCEvent@aol.com. The Oz Club's Banner Elk event this summer will be celebrating Oz fans — not just IWOC members or those fans whose names we all know, but all Oz fans — so we need to put together a look at...all of us! That includes you.

Think about "Oz fans" for a minute ... we have favorite collectibles, create our own artwork, wear sparkling red sneakers, and train our little dogs, too. We unpack cookie jars we got on eBay, produce our own Oz films, blog our Ozzy wisdom, travel great lengths to see our Munchkin friends, and appear in costume as favorite characters. Love of Oz leads us to organize events, write stories, loan materials to displays, plant poppies, sing, dance, solder and sew. With one thing in common — Oz — we are no two fans alike. Yet collectively we are the fans of Oz.

Consider this weekend is "A Day in the Life of Oz." Grab your air brushed Oz jacket, stand in front of your Oz collection, or sit down on that Yellow Brick path in your garden and get photographed. And if you're around other fans, get a picture of them, too. It's L. Frank Baum's birthday; let's make him proud.

Send photos to IWOCEvent@aol.com before the end of June to be sure you corner of Oz is part of the big picture.

What Jane failed to mention in there is the actual date, so I'll add it: May 15. That's this coming Sunday and, as she mentioned, L. Frank Baum's birthday. I have some thoughts about what I will do that day...

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