Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sing "Over the Rainbow" with the Boston Pops!

When someone in the public relations department of the Boston Symphony contacts you about an event, and then other Oz fans do the same, that's usually a good indication that you should probably put something up about it. So I am doing so at last. Yes, the title is true, you can sing along with the Boston Pops Orchestra, and not even have to travel to New England to do so. As part of this year's celebration of the American songbook, the Boston Pops are inviting anyone who wants to to submit a video (via YouTube) of someone singing "Over the Rainbow". The best ones will be assembled into a montage and shown at Boston Pops performances all summer long, as well as on the Pops' website. The deadline is April 26, so you should probably get moving if you want to do this. You can find out all the details right here.

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