Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oz in Jeopardy!...?

No, not really, as it turns out. Last night's Jeopardy! round was one of those theme boards, where all of the categories sound like they're related, but it turns out they're not really. Here were the categories and what they turned out to really be about:

  • Camelot (the King Arthur legend, various retellings, the characters, and so on)
  • The King and "I" (Elvis Presley songs with the word "I" in the title)
  • In the Heights (tall people)
  • Rent (how much you'd have to pay to rent certain pieces of real estate — a more interesting category than you'd think!)
  • God Spell (the correct answer would be a god — and you had to correctly spell the name)
  • and finally, Wicked (all about naughty people, much like the old standby category Notorious)

I didn't think it was Ozzy enough to try and grab the graphic, but it was certainly Ozzy enough to tell you about it.

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