Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Sketch

This one is a little unusual, in that the artist is more well known for being a fan instead of a published comics professional — although that line was beginning to blur at the time. This is by Leah Adezio, probably the biggest Aqualad fan you will ever find, and something of a mentor to my wife. Leah and Laura roomed together at the 2000 San Diego comic convention, and I got to meet her and get this sketch at the 2001 convention:

Yes, that's mostly Oz, but putting a ring on Toto's paw just added that touch of whimsy which helped it cross over into also being a Green Lantern piece. (For those who may be wondering, G'nort is a canine Green Lantern from some other planet.)

Sadly, Leah died in 2007, and never got to write that awesome Aqualad miniseries she wanted to do, or nurture her original series, Ari of Lemuria, go beyond self-publication. But fans set up a memorial page to her, right here, in case you want to see just what she was about.

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