Monday, July 19, 2010

Where I'll be during CCI in San Diego

A lot of folks I know, or at least whose blogs I read, will be at the big Comic Con International in San Diego this coming weekend. So of course they've been posting notices of where, within the San Diego Convention Center, they will be. So, here's mine:

Another common blog post at this time of year is tips about how to deal with the San Diego con. So I will do the same for the convention I will be at this weekend. Starting with...

THE WEATHER! Pacific Grove and the Asilomar Conference Center are right smack dab on the Pacific Ocean, and there's a lovely beach there, and sand dunes. But it is far enough north, and close enough to San Francisco, that you do not want to go thinking that it's southern California, and you'll need your swimsuit and sunscreen the whole time. This is not the case! It's usually pretty misty, or even downright foggy, particularly in the mornings. Bring shorts and t-shirts, but also sweats to layer over them. You'll probably need the long stuff in the morning for sure.

Of course, there are the few exceptions. The costume contest is the first event Saturday morning, and so it's usually pretty cool. So in 1989, when I took a gray suit and lots of gray make-up and gray gloves and a top hat and black umbrella to dress as Benny the Public Benefactor from The Giant Horse of Oz (a Boston statue that had been brought to life), I thought I'd do fine. But that turned into the first Winkie Convention at Asilomar with a beautiful, bright, sunshiny — and hot! — Saturday morning. Needless to say, under all the dark clothes and make-up, I was not doing so well. Good thing I won the contest, at least!

Later this week, more Dressing for Winkies tips!

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