Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today's Oz sketch

I've noticed my streak of consecutive days posting, and thought I'd see what I could do to extend the streak. The trouble is, I had no idea what to post. But then I remembered my sketchbook. You see, besides being an Oz fan, I'm also a comics book fan. Not as big a fan as my wife, but I hold my own. When we started going to conventions, Laura took along a sketchbook and asked artists to add to it. They've been very generous, and she has quite a few now. Much to my surprise, however, she took a blank sketchbook with her to the 2000 San Diego Comic Con (while I was in Indiana for the big Oz Centennial Convention), and started one for me! It's primarily a Green Lantern sketchbook, since that's my favorite comic book character, but there are also some Oz sketches as well. Hey, I'm an Oz fan, what would you expect? One of the very first sketches she snagged for me was this delightfully whimsical Scarecrow by Akiko creator Mark Crilley. So, this will be the first of what I hope will be an occasional series of Oz pictures from my sketchbook. Enjoy!

Image copyright © 2000 Mark Crilley. All rights reserved. Do not copy, reproduce, or link to without permission, or Spuckler will feed you to the dreaded Alia Rellapor!

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J. L. Bell said...

That’s very nice—a real sense of personality from relatively well chosen lines.