Friday, June 18, 2010

The latest Oz reading

Whoops. There went my streak. Oh, well. I'll try again soon. And look for another sketch on Sunday. Meanwhile, I've been doing some more reading, and just finished volume 7 of Michael Buckley's Sisters Grimm series, The Everafter War. Things are looking bad in Ferry port Landing, as the Everafters have broken into two groups and are at war. The Grimms get caught in the middle, but naturally side with the group that doesn't want to kill them. The good news for Daphne and Sabrina? The enchantment over their parents is finally broken, and they wake up! The bad news? They want to get the whole family out of Ferryport Landing ASAP! (Can't say I blame them...) This is probably the grimmest (no pun intended) book of the series so far, as friends die or turn on them, plus a bunch of big secrets are revealed. Oh, yeah, and there's a war going on. There isn't a lot Ozzy going on in this one, although we do catch glimpses of some of the characters, and there's mention of the Wizard. But hold on to the very end, Oz fans, it pays off in a very big way, and leads into the next book, The Inside Story. And there's only one more book in the series to go after that one!

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