Sunday, July 29, 2007

Comic Con International '07

Nope, sorry, I couldn't make it to the annual Nerd Prom, better known as Comic Con International, or even just "San Diego," this weekend. And it's too bad, as it sounds like there was more Oz stuff going on this year than usual (and a con that size, there's always going to be Oz stuff going on there somewhere). The first I heard about it, there were announcements about "Don't walk on the yellow brick road, it's broken." Huh? Turns out my favorite little stuffed bull blogger, Bully (read about his visit to our place here and here), took pictures! Here's his report, but if you just want to see what the fuss was all about, here are the pictures:

That's the back of Bully's head in the foreground. What a guy!

Yup, the Sci-Fi Channel was advertising Tin Man right there on the floor of the San Diego Convention Center (and that earlier announcement was some sort of technical hitch that was later fixed). Sounds cool, and Bully even picked up a Tin Man mini-comic for me! (No, I don't have it yet, but I'll give a full report when I do.)

That was the big Oz stuff going on, of course, but I managed to pick up two others. Heidi MacDonald and The Beat (hmm, sounds like a band name...) took a picture of a snazzier-than-usual Eric Shanower for the Day 0 entry:

Notice all of the Oz (and Age of Bronze) goodies behind him.

Finally, a word about the Eisner Awards, the big event of the con (and the Oscars of the comics industry). Todd Klein won the award for Best Lettering yet again, which is not a surprise as he's won that thing for roughly the past forty-seven years. But this year, among the works cited that he lettered was Lost Girls.

As I type this, the con is over for yet another year, but I suspect there will be a few more bits of news dribbling out over the next few days. If I hear of anything else Ozzy, I'll let you know.

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