Sunday, January 28, 2007

Today's Oz comic

The comic itself isn't Ozzy, but today's Baby Blues does have a big Oz reference in the title panel. Even if you get Baby Blues in your Sunday paper, you may want to check it out, as that panel often gets cut to make more space. Now, this is going to be tricky to find, so pay attention. For now, click on the link above, and it will take you to the Baby Blues page at The Seattle Times. If it's not today (January 28), in the lower right corner, where it says "Select another date:" choose "January 28, 2007." However, that's only going to be good for a couple of weeks. (Once it's expired, I'll disable that link and cross out the parts that no longer apply.) But that's okay, because then I can link to it directly, and permanently, at the Baby Blues archive. Got that?

By the way, if something seems odd about my blog today, it's because I've finally switch to the new version of Blogger. It shouldn't show up much, but it might in ways here and there. It at least gives me a few more tools to do fun things with. Maybe my technical guru can explain a few of them later on.

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