Sunday, January 28, 2007

Room clean-up update

It's been, what, two, three weeks since I announced I was cleaning up my room and turning it into an Oz room, right? So, it's time for an update. First, looking toward the worst of the mess:

Okay, this doesn't look much different, but trust me, it is. The floor is clear, at least from this point of view. (Around the corner, however, is another story, but I haven't quite gotten to that yet.) But here's where most of the work has been going on, facing the other way:

My desk is now cleared off, and the top two shelves of that bookcase are now full of reference books. The top shelf is general stuff about Baum, the books, some exhibit and auction catalogs, and even two books about Fred Stone, the actor who played the Scarecrow in the 1902 stage play version of The Wizard of Oz. The second shelf is entirely devoted to the MGM movie, including three biographies of Judy Garland (a fourth goes up there once I'm done reading it.) The lower four shelves are holding a lot of non-Oz things right now, but I suspect some of that will eventually stay there, particularly computer supplies. On the wall is the set of Oz figurines that a friend gave to me, and over on the left you can just see the wedding present that an artist friend/fellow Oz fan made for Laura and me. It's hung in our living room ever since we moved here, but I think the lighting in my room shows it off better.

I've made some real progress already, but I still have that whole mess on the floor you can't quite see yet, a set of shelves to put into one of the bookcases and the doors to hang, and lots of non-Oz things (comic books and teaching materials, mostly) to figure out what to do with. But the overall shape of things is coming along, and I can start dealing with the little fiddly bits later. So it's looking good and doable, but I suspect it may get a bit cramped in here by the time I'm done.

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