Sunday, October 25, 2020

This Week's Oz Very Short Story

Yes, there is an extra word in this week's title, because the second story from the 2017 issue of Oziana is only one page long. "Patchwork Memory" by Grace Willey is a very short reflection on Scraps, who she is, and the impression she leaves on others. And the writing doesn't even take up the whole page, as Willey also provided an illustration.

In circumstances like this, I like to use the space to also look at the rest of the issue, look at the little peripheral bits that aren't short stories, but these have been few and far between with recent issues. Still, I can mention the lovely front cover, "On the Shores of Skezer Lake" by David Bishop. The back cover is also by Grace Willey, and is entitled "Button Bright Find a Peach Pit". I think you can guess what's happening in that, then.

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