Sunday, October 04, 2020

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Broomstormers!

There appears to be some sort of town in Oz just for the witches in Oz, and the Wicked Witch of the West and Wilhelmina pop in. The Wicked Witch is all excited about the Broomstormers sweepstakes, as she thinks it's her time to win—but so does her oldest rival, Mean Jeanne the Green! The Wicked Witch doesn't want Jeanne to win, but she has no magic of her own, either, so she pressures Wilhelmina to compete and keep the Golden Broom in the family, where it's been for five hundred years. But Wilhelmina and her broom have no experience stuntriding, so the Wicked Witch pulls out her secret weapon: Hex, a special turbo-charged broom that can do all the stunts. But Wilhelmina's first attempt results in a twisted ankle, and she can't fly. Frank and Lyman try, but they're no more successful. So, who can they recruit to ride the broom? Watching Dorothy successfully ride the Horse of a Different Color gives Wilhelmina the idea to recruit Pigtails! Dorothy, thinking it sounds like fun, agrees, on the condition that the Wicked Witch of the West is nice for one week. The Witch reluctantly agrees. But to successfully ride Hex, Dorothy has to channel her inner wickedness! Despite that, she proves to be pretty good on Hex (after a few practice rounds), and feels confident going in. Dorothy and Hex are leading in the haunted slalom, until Mean Jeanne conjures up a cyclone and throws her off course. In the cackle wackle half pipe, Dorothy has better stunts, but Jeanne's cackle can't be beat. Still, Dorothy moves up quite a bit in the standings. The next event is the full moon willy whoop (where do they get these events from???), and Dorothy nails it while Jeanne falls on her dismount. It comes down to the final event, and whoever wins the freestyle flying contest wins the Golden Broom. Jeanne conjures up a dancing black cat, but Dorothy (with a little help from a hidden button on Hex) conjurs up a cauldron full of bats. Dorothy wins! She hands the trophy over to the Wicked Witch, who also demands the Ruby Slippers. Dorothy reminds her that that wasn't part of the deal, nor is she being nice like she promised. The Wicked Witch smiles, reluctantly, and decides now is not the time to get the Ruby Slippers. But there will be another time.

Hmm. This was actually kind of a fun episode, but something kept bugging me. I finally figured out that the problem was the Wicked Witch and Dorothy teaming up. I don't think that would have happened! Oh, I suspect Dorothy would have done exactly what she did if she was asked, I just don't think the Wicked Witch would ever have asked her in the first place. I came up with an alternate take that better fit the characters: Wilhelmina gets the job, but she's having absolutely no luck at all managing Hex, so she goes to Dorothy for help, and Dorothy ends up secretly coaching Wilhelmina during the competition. It feels a little more credible to me, and it would have given Wilhelmina a bigger, juicier part, which she has been seriously lacking this season.

Also in this episode, Frank asd Lyman have blink-and-you'll-miss-them cameos as flying cheerleaders.

All right, let's see if I can actually get another episode in next week!

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