Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Special Delivery

Good grief, at this rate I will never finish watching this show! However, I am cautiously hopeful that the personal stuff that's been keeping me from regularly updating on this show is mostly taken care of now, and I can get back to blogging about it on at least a semi-regular basis. So let's see what this one is about!

The Cowardly Lion is so excited about a delivery from Munchkin Country, he completely misstuffs the Scarecrow. So where is the Lion's delivery of lollipops? It seems the delivery truck was hijacked by giants, who love lollipops more than just about anything else. The delivery driver gives Scarecrow and Lion a note, sending them off on a search for Dorothy. The Giants of Tartary plan to stop all shipments to the Emerald City—including the Lion's lollipops and the mineral emerodium that powers the City—unless Dorothy hands the Wizard over to the Wicked Witch of the West! What to do? Well, how about if Smith and Tinker make a delivery truck that can smash through the Witch's blockade? One quick Ruby Slipper trip, and Smith and Tinker get to work to create the Ozmobile! Of course Frank and Lyman observe this, and report to the Witch and Wilhelmina. One quick trip to Munchkinland, and Dorothy and the gang pick up more emerodium (and lollipops), but are stopped by the giants on the way back, and they love to fight. Dorothy uses a little psychology and asks which one of them is the best fighter, and the resulting rumble provides the distraction they need to get by them. The Wizard's magic and a few tricks built into the Ozmobile gets them further along, but then the Witch and her entourage show up, demanding the Wizard. Lion is forced to give up some of his lollipops to distract them further as the Wizard enchants them to explode. The Ozmobile is almost to the Emerald City when the giants catch up to it again. Luckily, as the city is running out of power, they make it through the gates just before they close on the giants. The giants then turn on the Wicked Witch, who won't give them any sweet treats because of their failure, chasing them back to where they came. The emerodium is installed, and the Emerald City is working again. The Lion even gets to enjoy one last lollipop.

Okay, that was just plain silly. The Ozmobile in pretty cool, but it really doesn't belong in Oz. This episode was just all on ebig runaround. But as usual, the good guys win in the end again.

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