Saturday, July 25, 2020

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Lion and the Crown

At last! I've managed to manage my time well enough and free some up so that I can get back into watching Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz. And with the third (and final) season now being shown on Boomerang and piling up on my DVR, I'd better do my best to stay on top of this show! In this one, the Lion comes across his subjects (including the Hungry Tiger!) saying not-so-respectful things about him. Even the trees don't respect him! He lands on a talking crown, which lays it on pretty thick and convinces the Lion to put him on. Suddenly, all the animals are showing him a lot more respect, but the crown wants the Lion to issue all kinds of royal commands. And "I command you to have a nice day" somehow just doesn't sit right. So the crown starts issuing decrees that don't go over so well. Meanwhile, Dorothy, Toto, Scarecrow, and the Tin Man decide to pay Lion a surprise visit. It does not go well, as the crown is clearly influencing the Lion as he acts rudely towards his friends. Lion finally gets the idea that the crown does not have his best interests at heart, but it doesn't come off! The crown starts getting mad, declares himself king, and banishes the Lion's friends from the forest. Before long, all the other animals are banished, too, and so Dorothy concocts a plan to get rid of the headstrong crown. Her first plan is to distract it and remove it from Lion's head, but of course that doesn't work. Plan B involves the Ruby Slippers and a visit to the Munchkinland hat stop, and humiliating the crown by covering it with a series of silly hats. He relents and gets off Lion's head, hoping to find a new head to sit on and issue decrees so that he can have all the fun that he usually sees the kings have. So Dorothy puts him on a head-shaped hat stand and they use the Ruby Slippers to leave and let the crown issue decrees to himself. Back in the forest, it turns out his subjects weren't trash talking the Lion, but a cake they were trying to make to look like the Lion! They consider him the best king they've ever had, and so the Hungry Tiger eats the cake to celebrate (no, nobody else gets any cake).

This is not the most memorable episode of this show, nor is it terrible, either. It's just kind of middle-of-the-road. But at least we see a little bit of the Lion in his role as King of the Forest, even if he doesn't actually do much actual ruling. The power-mad talking crown is just silly, and Dorothy is right to put him in his place. Maybe some solitude will change his attitude, but somehow I doubt it. (I also doubt we'll ever see it again!)

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