Monday, June 22, 2020

Yesterday's Oz Comics

You know, I really need to stop this habit of finding Oz comics in the morning, thinking I'll post them later in the day, and then getting too busy and/or tired to do it until the next morning! But until I figure out how to successfully juggle my time and get it all done in a timely manner, here's what turned up in the funny pages yesterday:

  • First, in The Argyle Sweater, a tribute to all kinds of classic movies (including you-know-what) from the viewpoint of a certain body part. (In the second one, the song should probably go, "Clibe Ebery Bountain".)
  • And now, a little explanation for the second one. Skin Horse is an odd little comic that I won't try to explain, since I've been reading it for years now and I'm not sure I can explain it myself. It was recommended to me by author Seanan McGuire when she became my co-presenter on this panel on Oz comics at the 2013 Emerald City Comic Con, and sure enough, it has some elements of Oz (although I certainly would not call it an Oz comic). Skin Horse does appear to run in syndication, so it must appear in some newspapers somewhere, but only during the week, as it doesn't have a Sunday edition. But that doesn't mean they don't do something on Sundays. They may have sketches, behind-the-scenes looks at the process, extra pictures like desktops—pretty much whatever they feel like putting up. And sometimes they let their fans take over and put up their interpretations of the Skin Horse characters. Yesterday, Erin Ptah, an Oz fan and web comic creator in her own right (Want proof? Check out her art in the mini-comic Emeralds: Hearts in Oz.) submitted this picture of some of the Skin Horse characters. If you know the comic, you probably know just how well these fit. I especially like Unity as the Patchwork Girl.

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