Monday, January 20, 2020

This Week's Oz Short Story

The second short story—and it is very short—from the 2009 half of the 2009/2010 flipbook issue of Oziana is "Barry Portor and the Sorceress of Oz: A Parody" by Eleanor Kennedy, with illustrations by Sheena Hisiro. An alarm brings Glinda to a special room in her castle developed to contain extradimensional threats to Oz, but all she finds is a small, sad, but determined boy who ended up there when he went through a door during a battle at the Ministry. They chat, Glinda finds out more about him, and then she sends him back. Not a lot happens, but Glinda grows to admire this boy wizard, and wants to do everything she can to help him.

I think this is subtitled as a parody only for legal reasons, because there is nothing at all humorous about the story and situation. I'm sure fans of J. K. Rowling's most famous works can effortlessly substitute the proper names in for all the rather transparent renames, and the whole thing really reads as a little behind-the-scene at the climax of the fifth book. We also find out more about what Glinda gets up to at times, as it seems she has been to the wizarding world and knows the headmaster of the school there. There is also the news that the walls between dimensions are weakening, and Oz faces threats from all kinds of other worlds, which paves the way for all kinds of other crossovers to come.

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