Sunday, January 26, 2020

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz: Sir Hokus of Pokes

I have to admit, the title of this one was enough to excite me, since Sir Hokus appears in The Royal Book of Oz. That's right, this would be the first ever screen adaptation (movie or television) of a character created by a Royal Historian other than L. Frank Baum! But I'm sure it won't quite live up to expectations.

Dorothy, Toto, and the guys are playing some weird version of volleyball with a big hand on their head while bouncing around on some sort of pogo ball. They are interrupted by the arrival of the legendary Ozian knight, Sir Hokus of Pokes, and his mighty steed, Stampedro (yay, another Thompson character)! He turns out to not be quite as impressive as his first appearance, however, as he is a little old man that pops out of a door in the rear of his armor. Nevertheless, he starts bragging about the many foes he's vanquished (a who's who of Oz monsters, including Kalidahs, Gargoyles, and Choggenmugger). Over tea, he tells more tall tales, including his conquest of a band of winged monkeys. He keeps going on, but finally admits that he's had adventures all over Oz—except in the Emerald City. Dorothy and the Tin Woodman set out to give him a gentle, safe adventure to fulfill his dream, and enlist the help of the Woozy to pretend to attack the Emerald City. But Sir Hokus makes the mistake of whispering in front of the Woozy, enraging him. The Woozy give chase, and Sir Hokus and Stampedro draw him out of Emerald City and into the woods, where Dorothy and the boys manage to distract the Woozy and snap him out of it. Going along with the act, the Woozy, now "defeated" by Sir Hokus, surrenders, and vows never to attack Emerald City again. Sir Hokus, now having hda his final adventure, starts to tell the story of how he conquered the Woozy. A few well-placed cookies cuts it short!

Well that wasn't so bad! The map of Oz (looking very much like the endpapers of Tik-Tok of Oz makes an appearance, and all kinds of Oz monsters are name checked. And the portrayal of Sir Hokus of Pokes (the latter pronounced to sound like "Pocus", thus giving us the pun that I believe was originally intended) actually isn't too far off from the books, even if he's not an amnesiac. I would not mind one bit if he shows up again in the third season,

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